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About Us

Impact Avenue is the leadership development platform of ZOVOZ Technologies, a sustainable technology company based in India and US. The platform functions by working together with individuals, institutions, civil society organizations and partner companies to promote sustainable development in four key domains of Global Impact, with a vision to “Leave a better world for future generations”.

The four key domains are Health, Education, Enterprise and Media.


Education is in a phase of paradigm shift thanks to information technology. While the privileged world is fast moving from traditional forms of education to skill-based learning, large sections of the “other world” is still deprived of primary education. Impact Avenue looks to bring value-enhanced learning to all through technology driven models.


Health and Wellbeing is a fundamental requirement for all human endeavors. Bulk of global resources spent on healthcare today are actually spent for ‘disease-care’, having created thereby the second largest industry in the world, after defense. Impact Avenue looks to shift the world of healthcare from a profit driven “perpetual sickness model” to wellbeing driven, “Prevention Model”, with Universal access to quality care and “Outcome Based” healthcare delivery.


Human Enterprise can make or break the world. Since enough breaking has already been done, it’s time to turn around, rise from petty self-interests and not only reverse the damages done, but consciously create a thriving world. Not just for a few, not just for humankind, but for life as it is. The only way humans can survive is by making sure that life as a whole thrives. Impact Avenue looks to mainstream the culture of “Impact Enterprising” and propagate the concept of “Conscious Business”.


Media not just connects the world today but has become the greatest means of global influence. Impact Avenue looks to leverage the power of media to create positive influences and impact all domains of global wellbeing.


Impact Avenue Memberships assign various titles to impact makers. 

Memberships can be applied for online and are granted by following due process. Honorary memberships are provided to invited impact makers.

Impact Agents

Impact Agents are entry level members who aspire to make a difference under the guidance of the masters. Student members and Avenue employees are automatically given this title.

Impact Leaders

Impact Leaders are members who are already making a difference through their activities and are influencing a group of followers.

Impact Masters

. The core members are called the Impact Masters who are established impact makers and have made significant differences in their domains.

Grand Masters

The highest title, the Grand Masters, is reserved for the founders and Masters who have made extraordinary contributions.

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