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Impact Education

Learn to Lead

Self Directed Learning

Learning is a spontaneous process that needs only the right environment and individuals are able to choose what they need to learn.

Experiential Learning

The most effective way to learn is to learn by doing. This is especially important in today’s skill based work environment.

Vertical Integration

Learning flows from higher to lower levels. When individuals of different age, experience and skill levels are brought together, learning happens effortlessly.

Educational Services

Mentoring Services

You can never learn it all from you own experience. There are many who have walked the path before you. Lucky is the one who can find such a mentor to guide.

Online Courses

The world of education has changed in and out with high speed mobile internet. There is no topic in the world which cannot be learned online.

Upskill Training

Hiring has become solely on the basis of highly specialised skills and experience therein. Building the required skills on the go is the new dictum.

Coming Soon

Impact Avenue Fellowships

The Impact Avenue Fellowships are honours bestowed upon individuals who are willing to demonstrate exemplary leadership in their chosen domain of sustainable development. It consists of completing a series of online learning modules, carefully curated from global impact leaders and real-world projects that makes a difference, however small, in any chosen area. The one year fellowships per se are offered free of cost for now. The only fee would be those incurred by partner institutions. We are in the process of building the curriculum and the fellowships will be launched very soon.


Become an Impact Educational Partner

The educational model of Impact Avenue focuses on establishing collaborations and partnerships with individuals and institutions for online courses, mentorships and training programmes. Interested parties may apply below.

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