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Impact Enterprise

The Human Side of Business

Culture of Wellness

This is a business paradigm that considers Employees First. It is based on the belief that happy employees lead to happy customers.

Conscious Business Model

The Law of Greater Good puts the whole before the part. The conscious business model is based on this law and sets its priority in the order of Planet > People > Profit.


Non-discrimination is the key to a wholesome life. Inclusive businesses find profitable ways to engage underprivileged and low-income sections into their business model.

Enterprising Services


Impact Enterprising requires special mentoring in comparison to profit only models. Get guided by successful social entrepreneurs.


ZOVOZ Technologies, the parent company of Impact Avenue has several impact enterprises in the developmental stage, in which you can become partner.


We have an ever-growing portfolio of Impact Investors, willing to invest in startups that make a difference. If yours is one don’t hesitate to pitch to us.

Let the World Know

Impact Branding and Advertising

Creating a sustainable product or service is never sufficient. It needs to be communicated with great acumen to make sense to the beneficiaries. We bring together a team with decades of marketing experience to convey your message in the most emphatic manner. Our full spectrum branding services include everything from logo and graphics design to web and social media. We also have a film making team that will create amazing video ads for your story. So, get in touch and get going.


The Best Learning Opportunity

Impact Avenue Internships are undoubtedly the best learning opportunity any freshers can get. The hands-on experience you get from real world impact ventures will right away set you on a course to success.

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